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1999 Summer Dart League Banquet
The 1999 Summer Dart League Banquet was held on Aug. 16th at the American Legion in Fowler, IN.  As always there was plenty of food, beverages, darts, fun, darts, laughs, and more darts.  We hope you enjoy the following photos taken that night by Bobby & Angie Turner. Great job and many thanks!!   Some of images may take a while to load so sit back and relax while they do their thing.

Darts Champions
1st Place Team--Penos 1
1st Place Team---Penos 1/ Penos Pub, Fowler, IN


2nd Place--Brummetts 1
2nd Place Team---Brummetts 1/ Brummetts Pine Village Inn, Pine Village, IN

Top Men and Womens Players

More Dart Banquet Photos