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Player Survey

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(If you play in BOTH Dart & Pool leagues please submit the form twice, once for each league)

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Do you play in the Dart Leagues or Pool Leagues?


Do you have a league "nickname"? If so, what is it?

How long have you been playing darts/pool?

How did you get into darts/pool and why do you still play?

What bar do you play for?

What type of darts/cue do you use (type & weight)?

How many times per week do you play?

What is your beverage of choice when you play?

What is you biggest dart/pool accomplishment?

Do you prefer singles or doubles and why?


Do you have a dart board/pool table at home?


List any superstitions that you have when you play:

Which opponent makes you the most nervous and why?

Please mention any info about yourself, darts/pool tips or secrets, practice habits, gripes, why your so good, etc.:

What would you like added to or changed about Diggers Vending website?