Fantasy League Dart Association(FLDA)

All Darters Welcome!!!


The Fantasy League Dart Association(FLDA) is the very first WorldWide Dart League!!! It's FREE and will operate similar to that of a Fantasy football, baseball, basketball league. We are going to have leagues that will ultimately be divided into four Divisions (Legends, Masters, Pro, Amatuer) with at least eight 4-player teams per division that will use actual stats (PPD & MPR) from dart shooters around the world. But, instead of using Mark McGwire or Brett Favre's stats, you'll use YOUR stats! Do you want to see how you measure up to the rest of the dart world? Here's you chance! Depending on the number of teams we have, we may start the league with fewer Divisions, fewer Teams, or both. But, the goal is to have a blast, meet darters from around the world and have so many teams we end up pulling our hair out!!! This is how it works:

1. Registration-- You must register your team.(Registration link is above.) Include your player names, team name, and team logo (if you have one). Once you complete your registration the FLDA will give you a team ID#. You are more than welcome to enter as a singles or doubles player. Singles/Doubles entries will be placed with other singles/doubles players to make a 4-player team using a blind draw. Doubles players will not be seperated! Your current stats will be used to place your team in one of the Divisions. If you do not have current stats use your final stats from the previous league that you played in.

2. Scoring-- Because no two dart leagues play the same number of games and players shoot more than once a week we are going to base scoring on 6 games per week. You must use at least 2 games of 01 and 2 games of cricket. The remaining 2 games can be either 01 or cricket. Be sure to report your best scores for the week. If alot of players only play cricket or only play 01, we may divide them and have an 01 league and a Cricket league. We would rather keep them together though. The scoring will be computed using a simple formula.
    Team PPD + Team MPR + Team WINS = TOTAL PTS.
    Example: 100.5 + 11.00 + 10 = 121.5

3. Reporting-- You will need to report your scores each Friday using the form that we provide. Standings will be posted each Monday. If you experience problems using the report form you can email the stats to: Diggers Vending or try to report at a later time. It is going to be almost impossible to verify your stats so the honor system is in full affect. If you can't trust a darter, who can you trust? Right.

4. Seasons-- Seasons will be 12 weeks long with a two week grace period for holidays. In other words, because you don't normally shoot leagues on holidays, we don't expect you to report scores for that week. 14 weeks to report 12 scores. Got it? Good! We will begin play starting the week of November 1, 1999 unless otherwise noted.

5. Prizes-- Prizes will be awarded in the form a customized graphic (with your name right on it!) that will be displayed here at the FLDA that you can also display on your own site. Prizes will be as follows:
    --Top two teams in each division
    --Top individual PPD in each division
    --Top individual MPR in each division
    --Most individual wins in each division

6. Questions or Problems-- If you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact us: Diggers Vending

7. Most Important!!!-- Shoot Great!!! The concept behind the FLDA is to provide a new medium for competition that involves dart shooters from all over the world and provide you with added motivation to play well. What other league can offer you that?