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Welcome Darts and Pool Fans!!!

We run year round Dart and Pool Leagues that offer an endless supply of Competition, Entertainment, Good Times and Liquid Refreshment All leagues current team and player standings and player and sponsor profiles will be posted headlined. All others will be maintained in an archive that you can browse for viewing. If you would like to view older image files that are no longer posted, please submit a request via email to:

Ever played in a global dart league? Check this out!!! Fantasy League Dart Association(FLDA)

What's Happening

¤ It's finally begun!!!!! We have our debut "Player Profile" completed. We are calling this section "In the Crosshairs". Follow this link to have look.In the Crosshairs(ITCH)
¤ Penos Pub will be having Blind Draw Dart tourneys every other Saturday starting Nov. 13. Contact Penos for more details.
¤ You can now receive the weekly dart stats in your email!!! Go to the Dart Leagues page to find out how.
¤ Pool League Team Standings have been updated as of 10/12/99.
¤ Please have a look at our newest Sponsor Profile
¤ The Banquet for the 1999 Summer Dart League was held on Aug. 16. The Champs and a variety of photos are posted for you to enjoy. Don't miss it!
¤ A Thank you goes out to those who already filled out the Player Survey, but we need ALL players to fill it out so we can begin posting a "Player Profile" page. Who will be the first to have there name in lights? Find out on Nov. 19th, 1999!!!!
¤ The Message Forum is ALWAYS open for business. Feel free to speak your mind!
¤ Your Suggestions and Comments are always welcome

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